Farrer Park resident treats workers to orange juice -- straight out of his condo unit

Submitted by Stomper Zubair

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A resident thanked workers who were cleaning his condominium building by offering them orange juice straight from his unit.

Stomper Zubair, who lives in Farrer Park, said the heartwarming encounter took place last Tuesday afternoon (March 30).

He told Stomp: "A salute to these foreign workers who risk their lives to climb and clean high-rise buildings while being apart from their families.

"I offered them orange juice and they loved it."

In photos that Zubair shared with Stomp, the workers can be seen with bright smiles on their faces while holding a glass of orange juice.

Asked how the workers reacted to his kind gesture, Zubair said that they thanked him but did not say anything else.

He added: "I have so much respect for them."