Fan disappointed not to get Westlife tickets, only to see them listed on Carousell for up to $1,388

Submitted by Stomper Ivan

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Sold out.

A Westlife fan was disappointed he was not able to get tickets for the Irish boyband's Feb 16, 2023, concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium only to see the tickets listed on Carousell for as much as $1,388.

The regular prices of each ticket range from $128 to $258.

The tickets went on sale on Oct 6 at noon.

Stomper Ivan said: "On that day itself at about 11am, my friends and I, including my wife, the four of us tried to get the Westlife concert tickets, but in the end, we couldn’t get them. It was fully sold out by about 3pm.

"But we saw on Carousell people trying to sell their tickets. There are a lot of ticket scalpers.

"For Westlife, the most expensive ticket is $258, but it’s being sold on Carousell for at least $400 plus, which is almost double the price.

"I communicated with some of the Carousell sellers and they were actually asking people to bid for the tickets like an auction."

Ivan told Stomp that the last concert he wanted to see was by Ekin Cheng when he performed at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in 2019.

"I also couldn’t get a ticket," he lamented.

But the Stomper is getting another chance with Westlife as the group have since announced a second Singapore show on Feb 17 after the first show was sold out.

The tickets for the second show will go on sale on Thursday (Oct 13) at noon.

The Stomper said: "I definitely feel excited because for Western boybands, the Singapore market is very small so usually they would not consider coming here. They would go to the Philippines, Malaysia or some other countries.

"Now that they have added another show, the six of us plan to buy the tickets together to prevent what happened earlier with the first show."

Westlife had recently performed in Singapore at the F1 concert on Oct 1.