Family's bag with valuables goes missing at Changi Airport: Phone gets turned off, ear buds detected

Submitted by Stomper Mavi

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There was no rest for a family who landed in Singapore following an exhausting flight on Tuesday morning (Aug 30), as a bag with their valuables went missing at the airport shortly after.

Stomper Mavi said: "My family had just arrived back in Singapore from our holiday. It was a tiring trip with a nine-hour layover.

"My husband left his small Lacoste bag together with the liquor he had bought from the duty-free shop in a cart at Terminal 1's taxi pick-up point.

"After loading all our luggage into the taxi, my son returned the cart inside the glass door at the bay area. He did not notice that his father's small Lacoste bag was still in the tray of the cart."

Mavi said her son returned the cart to Loading Bay 5 - Taxi Stand 1B. She noted that there are CCTV cameras in the area.

This happened at around 10.30am. Mavi's husband realised that his bag and liquor were missing at around 11.46am.

Mavi recounted: "My husband went back to Changi Airport to check, but no one had turned over the items to Lost and Found. He was also not allowed to speak to the staff on duty in the bay area between 10am and 3pm.

"He filed a lost-and-found report and at the same time, lodged a police report."

The missing bag contained valuables including a Samsung handphone, Galaxy Buds and power bank as well as a bottle of liqour.

The bag is believed to have been taken by someone.

Mavi explained: "When my husband first realised his bag was missing, he tried calling the phone that was inside the bag. It was ringing at first, but got turned off suddenly.

"On Wednesday morning, my husband detected the Galaxy Buds Pro inside the bag at the T1 Basement T1 Basement Drive. Whoever found the bag had used the earbuds at 9.52am that day."

The family has not gotten any news about their missing bag to date (Sep 2).

Mavi added: "My son went to Changi Airport's Lost and Found to ask if anyone had surrendered the lost items, but no one has.

"We also checked FUPO (Found & Unclaimed Property Office) today but there's no news yet."

If you have found the bag or have any info about it, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.