Family uses overhead bridge near Bukit Timah Plaza, only to spot green snake on the steps

Submitted by Stomper Raven Hew

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Stomper Raven Hew and his family were using the overhead bridge opposite Bukit Timah Plaza when they saw a green snake on the steps.

The snake was on the flight of steps near the Shell petrol station, near the plants at the railings.

Raven Hew said that his brother, who was ahead of the rest of the family, and other pedestrians had not noticed the serpent on the steps.

The Stomper quickly alerted his dad , and also informed another woman who was walking down the steps to look out for the snake.

"My father scared the snake and it vanished," said Raven Hew.

"Quite scary if you walk along. Imagine if you are alone.

"How would you react after seeing the snake?"