Family reunited with lost dog thanks to kind Pasir Ris residents

Submitted by Stomper Raymond, Alicia

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Stomper Raymond alerted Stomp to a heartwarming incident in which a family was reunited with their lost dog due to the actions of a few kind residents.

Raymond, who runs a WhatsApp group chat involving 24 representatives from Pasir Ris Zone 11, told Stomp that one of its members, Alicia, had found a dog yesterday (Jun 26) and informed the group at around 12.24pm. 

Another member, Charlie, recalled seeing a poster about a lost dog posted around the neighbourhood and forwarded Alicia a photo of it. 

Group member Yeo then called the family to confirm that it was the same dog, with a follow-up by Alicia to facilitate a meeting. 

Alicia, herself a dog owner, said in a phone interview with Stomp:

"My mother saw a dog running around a ramp downstairs without its owner, yesterday at around 11.45am. It was at a junction between Pasir Ris Drive 1 and Street 11. 

"I went downstairs with a leash to collect the dog and posted the dog photo on the WhatsApp group. One of our members, Charlie, then sent me the poster.

"I called the owner but she didn’t pick up at first. Later she called back and we arranged a meeting at the void deck of Block 184 at around 3pm.

"A young boy and girl came with a leash, identifying themselves as owners of the dog. They also showed me photos of the dog and members of the family.

"The dog recognised its owner and looked really happy.

"I'm glad the dog got returned to its rightful owners."