Family of S'porean man who died during Sydney skydiving accident demands cause of death

The family of 29-year-old Mario Low Ke Wei, who died after a tandem skydive went wrong in Sydney last Saturday (July 15), is demanding an explanation for the cause of the accident from Sydney Skydivers, the company which organised the dive. 

Although there were speculations on the ailing health of the instructor, 60-year-old Adrian Lloyd, who did the dive with Mario, and whether the parachutes were faulty, no official evidence has been issued thus far.  

It was previously reported that the pair had crashed onto a driveway in Sydney, about 1km from their intended landing spot, and are believed to have died on impact.

However, previous footage of the bodies showed that the parachutes were partially or fully deployed. 

The owner of Sydney Skydivers, Phil Onis told local media that the pair were equipped with two parachutes, one main and another backup parachute. 

He also commented on the stellar records of Lloyd, who had done over 10,000 dives over his 30-year-long career. 

Local media reported that the two could have failed to deploy their parachutes in time, and crashed.

Another theory was that Adrian could have been unwell and was not able to deploy the parachutes in time. 

A 39-year-old local skydiving enthusiast told Shin Min Daily News that during a skydiving session, the instructor would usually deploy his backup parachute if there was something wrong with the main, unless he was tangled in the ropes, and was unable to act. 

Mario’s father said that he hoped Syndey Skydivers can give a proper explanation for the cause of the accident.

Mario's sister, on the other hand, is pinning her hopes on the Sydney Police to find the cause of the accident, to give the family the closure they needed.