Family looking for long-lost brother whom they lost contact with 5 years ago: "Please come back"

Submitted by Stomper Jamie

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Stomper Jamie and her family are looking for her older brother whom they lost contact with around five years ago.

Jamie, 38, told Stomp that her 41-year-old brother had always been rebellious growing up.

However, he always had a sweet spot for his younger sisters.

"He would cycle and play with us at Pandan Reservoir and buy things for us," said Jamie.

Jamie, who also has an elder sister who is 42, said that it was hard for their mother to look after four children by herself and juggle three home-based jobs to generate income.

"Dad was always out," she said.

"It was very hard on Mum having to cope with my rebellious brother so she often neglected him and let him be.

"My brother left school in Secondary 3 and started working at Burger King and selling durians."

Jamie said that her brother left their home when he was around 35 or 36 years old with his wife after his food stall at Eminent Plaza closed.

"They did not have children when they left, I'm not sure about now," she said.

The family is still staying at the same address and has the same home phone number.

She said they just want to know how Jason is doing and hope that he will come back to look for them.

"We have no other means to contact him," she said.

"Hence, this article is the only way we could possibly locate him."

She also shared the following message for her elder brother:

"Everyone is upset about the past but we are still one family no matter what.

"Please come back to us, brother. 

"Let's meet for a family meal.

"Call me. Message me. We don't know how to speak better but we do really want you back in this family.

"Each time there are family gatherings, there is a kind of emptiness, not feeling 圆满 (complete) because you are not with us.

"If you are well, please contact any of us immediately.

"If you are not well, let us be by your side too.

"We have not spent enough time bonding with you before.

"Let us make up for it now.

"It's not too late for a reunion.

"Please contact us.

"We miss you.

"Mum cries whenever we talk about you, Dad keeps quiet whenever your name is mentioned.

"He misses you a lot.

"In case you don't know, you are his most beloved child among all four of us.

"Perhaps he didn't express himself in an appropriate manner or in the manner that you would like him to when you were younger and you felt angry with him.

"He didn't mean it, he loves you.

"People change over time, our parents have changed.

"Please come back."