Family desperately looking for lost chihuahua: 'He's tiny, pampered, and can't survive on his own'

Submitted by Stomper Jean

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Stomper Jean is desperately looking for her beloved pet chihuahua who went missing from her home in Bartley on Mar 14.

She told Stomp she believes he was taken.

"We have been searching for him and have exhausted all avenues," she said.

"I know Stomp has a very wide reach and was wondering if this platform could help my family search for him.

"He is very tiny, pampered and can't survive on his own."

Jean said that he went missing between 8 to 10pm from her home at How Sun Walk.

The male chihuahua is six to seven years old and has brown and white fur.

She added that its fur is long on its ears and tail.

If you have seen Jean's pet chihuahua kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.