Fallen tree causes traffic jam near Haw Par Villa

Submitted by Stomper Farz

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A fallen tree caused vehicles to be stuck in a traffic congestion along Pasir Panjang Road on Sunday morning (May 19).

The incident was reported at around 10am and occurred along a curved road near Haw Par Villa.

Stomper Farz, a resident in the vicinity, shared photos and videos that show the uprooted tree obstructing the road.

Farz said: "Both lanes of the road had traffic congestion. There was a long line of stagnant buses, while many cars made a u-turn.

"Some of the bus drivers got restless and could be seen going in and out of their buses to check on the status of the situation.

"A truck later came to clear the tree."

Stomp understands that the Yellow Flame tree was cleared by 11.30am.

A drought-resistant tree, the Yellow Flame can grow up to 20 metres tall and gets its name from its brightly-coloured flowers.

View more photos of the incident in the gallery.

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