Fake news alert: Singapore man slept with 57 women in one day? Not true

Chen Jingwen
June 14, 2017

Many people went wow when they read the jaw-dropping news, but it's probably an internet hoax penned by an overly imaginative person who had nothing else better to do.

The questionable article about the amazing feat of a 34-year-old Singapore man smashing the world record for sleeping with 57 women within a span of 24 hours has been making its rounds online since last week.

Many people and the tabloid media fell for it even though the report by a little-known website called Herald Europe was riddled with gaping holes.

Claiming its June 6 article was based on reports by Czech media without naming them, it said the record was broken at a brothel in Prague. The establishment was not named too even when it reportedly held such challenges as an annual event.

The man, who was also unnamed, was "rushed to hospital" after he "finished his 57th partner".

Good riddance - maybe it's the writer who should be sent for examination after embellishing the article with sordid details instead of getting official confirmation on news on a record-breaking accomplishment from a trusted authority.

Nice try, but we are not fools.