FairPrice responds to incident of maggots found in Stomper's quail eggs from Junction 8 outlet

Submitted by Stomper RR

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Stomper RR found white maggots in a packet of quail eggs which she purchased at an NTUC FairPrice supermarket at Junction 8 shopping centre in Bishan on Oct 2 at about 6.45pm.

"When I returned home and opened the packaging, there was a foul fish smell," RR said.

"It was so stinky and the maggots were crawling out."

In a video she shared with Stomp, tiny white maggots can be seen wriggling around inside the plastic packaging of quail eggs.

She then threw the packaging away before returning to NTUC on Oct 4 with her receipt and was given a full cash refund of $3.20.

In response to a Stomp media query, NTUC said: "FairPrice takes food safety issues very seriously and is committed to upholding a high level of food safety standards.

"We have since been in contact with the supplier to conduct investigations on the alleged quality issue.

"Checks on existing batches do not reveal any anomalies and we have not received reports of any similar incidents for the product in question.

"The customer has obtained a full refund from us on Oct 4 at our Junction 8 outlet.

"We take the opportunity to assure customers that food safety and quality are of paramount importance to FairPrice.

"Customers can bring any defective products with the receipt back to the same store where they purchased the item for a full refund or exchange.