FairPrice calls in pest control specialist to Bedok Mall supermarket after Stomp alert on cockroach

Submitted by Stomper Ahsan

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FairPrice has engaged a pest control specialist to inspect its FairPrice Finest supermarket after Stomp alerted it to a cockroach found on one of the store's shelves.

A spokesman told Stomp that although no pest infestation was found, additional pest preventing measures have been put in place.

Stomper Ahsan had visited the supermarket on Sunday night (Mar 24) and wanted to buy a box of Froot Loops for his son.

That was when he found a cockroach on a shelf in the cereal aisle.

"I was shocked and concerned about hygiene so I ended up not buying the cereal," said the Stomper who shared a video of the pest with Stomp.

(Story continues after video)

"It's concerning because this is the go-to store that I visit regularly for grocery shopping."

A FairPrice spokesman issued the following response to Stomp following the incident:

"We thank the reader for the feedback and apologise for the unpleasant experience.

"To help us provide a better in-store experience, we urge our customers to reach out to our frontline staff directly so that prompt actions can be taken to address any issues.

"Upon receiving the report from Stomp on the evening of 25 March - a day after the alleged incident had occurred - we immediately contacted our pest control specialist to conduct an inspection of the store.

"No pest infestation was found but additional pest preventing measures have been put in place."

"As a responsible retailer, FairPrice contracts qualified and licensed pest control specialists to provide regular checks and proper treatment to prevent and eliminate pests at our stores.

"Our store operating procedures also include strict housekeeping guidelines that stores stringently adhere to.

"Customers with any feedback to share may also reach us at our Customer Relations Hotline at 6552 2722 (during office hours) or through email at general.feedback@fairprice.com.sg."