Facebook user blocks single mum of five after she pays him $15 delivery fee for milk dispenser

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A single mother of five felt taken advantage of when a Facebook user blocked her and went MIA after she had transferred him a delivery fee for a milk dispenser he was giving away.

Facebook user Nxr Xzexn posted what happened in a Facebook group for people donating or giving away items to those in need.

She had messaged the user giving away a Lucky Baby milk dispenser and said she would like to get it for her seven-month-old baby.

When he asked whether she would prefer to pick up the item or get it delivered, she said she could pick it up as the Canberra address was not far from her in Marsiling.

However, the man then backtracked and said he would prefer if she opted for delivery as he 'don't wish ppl come my hse'.

He then asked if she could pay $15 for the delivery fee, and she agreed to send him the money via PayNow.

The last message he sent her was that he would deliver it to her on the same day before 9pm.

Unfortunately, the milk dispenser never arrived.

In her post, she said the man blocked her afterwards.

She has since made a police report.

She wrote: "How can someone take advantage of other people['s] hardship..."

Her post received about 89 comments with some warning others to be wary of scammers in the Facebook group.