Audi Service Centre staff: 'It was extremely scary, ground was shaking vigorously during explosion'

Submitted by Stomper P, Z

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An explosion outside the Audi Service Centre at 55 Ubi Road 1 shook the ground "vigorously", said an employee there.

Stomper P and Z shared videos and photos of the aftermath of the explosion, which happened on Tuesday morning (March 7) at around 9am.

"It was extremely scary and the ground was shaking vigorously at the moment of explosion," said P, who worked at the Audi Service Centre.

"I was working on the first floor and quite near the scene. I was stunned and there were customers still inside the service centre."

Z was in a first-floor office of Oxley BizHub, which faced the Audi Service Centre, during the explosion.

"It was extremely loud and shook the ground. I was getting ready for the day with the rest of my colleagues and it shocked us," said Z.

"We went outside to take a look and noticed that a large section of wall and glass was no longer there, and that the carpark outside our office was littered with glass shards and other debris.

"During those minutes, people from the Audi Service Centre were directing fire extinguishers at a piece of machinery inside the room where the explosion took place.

"I did not see a fire from where I stood, but they seemed to have gone through a few extinguishers."

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) posted on its Facebook page that it was alerted to the incident at 8.55am.

"Upon arrival, there was no fire and SCDF noticed that a section of the wall at the side of a building had collapsed," said SCDF.

"About 100 people evacuated from the building prior to SCDF’s arrival. One person was conveyed to the Raffles Hospital after sustaining a fall in the vicinity. There were no other reported injuries.

"SCDF is currently at scene investigating."

Audi Singapore announced on Facebook that the service centre will remain closed until further notice.