Ex-Prudential agent who edited details in accident claims for clients jailed 6 weeks for cheating

A former Prudential agent was sentenced to six weeks’ imprisonment on Tuesday (Sept 26) for cheating the company by submitting edited invoices to deceive Prudential into disbursing funds for accident claims made by her clients.

Huang Mengting allegedly submitted 11 edited invoices between July 2019 to November 2020.

She knew that her clients’ claims were likely to be rejected.

As such, she submitted edited invoices with false details of the circumstances of her clients’ accidents to substantiate their claims and deceived Prudential into disbursing a total of $3,287.82.

Huang was sentenced following her conviction on four counts of cheating with seven other charges taken into consideration for the purpose of sentencing. The offence of cheating carries an imprisonment term of up to three years.

The police also referred Huang to the Monetary Authority of Singapore for regulatory actions to be taken against her.