Ex-GF tells man that he "will never have six packs" -- but look at him now

After a breakup, a man from Thailand decided to start working out and photos of his amazing body transformation went viral on social media.

According to World of Buzz, an initially out-of-shape Ken managed to find himself a beautiful girlfriend.

However, his girlfriend started complaining his physique and ended the relationship because of it. 

She told Ken, "You’re just a fatty who doesn't have the will to succeed; you will never have six packs!” 

After breaking up, she immediately began seeing another guy who is supposedly quite buff.

In just four months, he successfully lost 10 kilograms of fat and gained muscle mass. With his belly fat gone, he now sports an impressive eight-pack.

Unsurprisingly, his former girlfriend wanted to get back together with him.

In the words of Taylor Swift, he told her that they are "never ever, ever getting back together".

Ken added, "I will never forget what she said to me, I just couldn't get over it!"

Since the breakup, he has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram. He is also now a model and an aspiring actor.