Evil merlion twins? These National Day displays look like they could be for Halloween

Submitted by Stomper Ong, Tan

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It is not just flags.

While improperly displayed flags for National Day is an annual complaint, Stompers also shared images of problematic patriotic displays where the problem is not the flag.

Stomper Ong shared a video taken at night of two merlions with red glowing eyes with blinking lights on their manes and bodies near Block 672A Choa Chu Kang Crescent.

Between the merlions was a sign of the 58th National Day logo with the tagline "Onward as one."

The Stomper called them the "evil merlion twins".

She also shared a video of a similar display taken in 2019 in the same area but with only one "evil merlion" spitting blue light from its mouth instead of water surrounded by hands. Yes, hands.

As "evil" as it was, the display at least appeared more elaborate than the one in Ang Mo Kio that Stomper Tan shared a photo of.

The AMK display appeared to consist of a wreath on a manhole cover encircled by a ring of about 20 small Singapore flags with a large banner that said "Singapore" behind it.

"This National Day display near Teck Ghee Community Club looked like a Chinese grave," opined the Stomper.

Perhaps they can save it for Halloween?

Stomp has contacted Teck Ghee Community Club for more info.