Ever seen a 28-metre yu sheng? Thank you, Royal Plaza on Scotts for letting me be part of it

Submitted by Stomper Susan

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Stomper Susan was walking past Royal Plaza on Scotts yesterday (Feb 22) during lunch time when she saw a long table set up outside the hotel.

The hotel had organised a public lo hei session and Susan was invited to join in the celebration.

"They asked me to join in to celebrate ren ri, " she said. "I get to eat free Carousel salmon yu sheng, of course I joined!"

According to the Stomper, they started the lo hei at 12.28pm at the 28-metre-long table.

"I liked that they used a lot of 2 and 8," she said.

"Very huat!" 

She added that it was her first time having yu sheng with so many people.

"I hope they do this every year so that I get to eat free salmon yu sheng from the hotel.