Epidemic of train passengers not wearing their masks properly or at all amid Covid-19 wave

Submitted by Stomper Joan, Shockmew, Jiken, PK, Cedric, Zheng, Jeffrey, Paul, Wong, Anonymous

It is an outbreak of cases.

Many people have been caught on camera not wearing masks on the MRT train despite masks still being required on public transport.

It is especially of concern now since the current wave of Covid-19 infections being driven by the XBB sub-variant is expected to peak at an average of 15,000 daily cases by about mid-November.

This was probably why Stomper Joan was upset to see a tour group not wearing masks on the MRT train between City Hall and Bugis stations on Saturday night (Oct 15).

"They even talked loudly and moved around," said the Stomper, who shared photos of the no-maskers.

"What is the point of wearing masks if these tourists act like hooligans?"

And it is not just tourists.

Other Stompers have shared photos of different kinds of people on the train not wearing their masks properly or any mask at all.

On Oct 11, Stomper Shockmew submitted a photo of a man who refused to wear his mask properly despite reminders on the North-South Line train heading towards Woodlands.

On Oct 7, Stomper Jiken saw a family of three on the train heading towards Expo and only the father was wearing his mask properly.

"These days, we only need one representative to wear a mask?" asked the Stomper.

On Oct 6, Stomper PK saw a passenger without a mask talking loudly on the train from Toa Payoh heading south.

On Oct 4, Stomper Cedric also saw a man speaking on the phone without masking up properly.

"His friends didn’t remind him to wear a mask either," said the Stomper. "Such behaviour is unacceptable. We have to obey the law and be considerate."

On Sept 24, Stomper Zheng saw a woman board the train at City Hall without a mask.

"It was kind of irresponsible," said the Stomper.

On Sept 18, Stomper Jeffrey shared a photo of a passenger wearing his mask on his chin.

On Sept 13, Stomper Paul saw a man without a mask on the train from Harbourfront station.

"Another self-entitled Karen?" asked the Stomper.

On Sept 11, Stomper Wong saw two men being asked to wear their masks but did not do so. They boarded the train at Mattar station and alighted at Kaki Bukit station on the Downtown line.

On Aug 30, Stomper Anonymous submitted a photo of a passenger wearing his mask on his chin.

"He told me that he was wearing it and said the Government relaxed the rule," said the Stomper. "The Government relaxed, not revoked. Please wear your mask properly on the MRT train as mandated by the law."

On Aug 28, a Stomper saw a man and a woman sitting separately and unmasked on the North-East Line train from Dhoby Ghaut. The Stomper said the man alighted at Outram Park station and the woman at Harbourfront.