Enraged crowd tip over car in China after driver slaps jaywalker

A couple in a car in China got more than they bargained for when they scolded and slapped a pedestrian for jaywalking.

The incident happened in Longhui county in Hunan province when about 100 people gathered to watch an argument between the couple in a Volkswagen and a pedestrian.

The couple scolded the female pedestrian for jaywalking, with the woman pointing her finger at the other before slapping her.

This caused the pedestrian to fall to the ground, prompting outraged bystanders to flip the couple's car onto its side.

Police said in a statement that the crowd did not disperse until three hours after the incident.

The couple were detained by the police, along with two others, reports South China Morning Post.

The pedestrian was taken to hospital and reportedly suffered slight injuries.

The woman in the car has been dismissed from her contract work at the local tax department, according to online reports.

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