Enraged auntie sweeps food off table at Lucky Plaza after assistant accidentally overcharges 70 cents

An elderly woman got into an argument with the owner of a yong tau foo stall, alleging that the latter had shortchanged her of 70 cents.

The incident happened at a stall in Lucky Plaza on Tuesday (Jun 20) at around 11am, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao.

In a fit of rage the 66-year-old woman swept her food off the table, tipping over a bowl of hot soup and almost scathing another customer.                       

The stall owner told reporters that the auntie had ordered about eight different dishes, each costing 70 cents, and amounting to $5.60. 

The cashier accidentally counted a ninth dish and charged her $6.30 instead.

After the food was served, the auntie started complaining about the amount charged. 

Noticing the commotion, the stall owner’s wife went to apologise and explain the mistake, offering her the 70 cents back.

However, the auntie kept on insisting that the stall was trying to cheat her. 

Said the exasperated stall owner:

“She started shouting saying that we intentionally cheated money from her.

“After my wife gave her back the change, she kept insisting that the sum was correct and said that we deliberately deceived her. 

“She just turned a deaf ear to our explanation, she even swept all the food off the table.

“Not only did she dirty the chairs, she could have scathed another customer who was sitting near her.

“It’s my first time experiencing this sort of situation 26 years running the business.”

The stall owner stepped in after seeing the volatile situation, attempting to explain to the enraged customer himself, but was shocked when the auntie swept the bowls off the table.

The owner added that the auntie had patronised the stall a few times and once complained that the store assistants had ‘bad’ attitude. 

When reporters contacted the auntie later, she claimed that the assistant did not apologise after making the mistake and even verbally shamed her, causing her to get angry.

Only under extreme duress did she sweep the food off the table.

She added:

“They shouted at me the whole time, saying, ‘if you can’t afford, then don’t eat,’.

“They also scolded me in Hokkien vulgarities.”

She said that she had patronise the stall a few times in the past, but found the assistants unhelpful and unfriendly.