Eligible to withdraw CPF, 55-year-old Zoe Tay flaunts beach-ready swimsuit body on her socials

Fifty-five is the age when you can start to withdraw from your Central Provident Fund (CPF).

Not all of it, of course. You can withdraw at least $5,000 depending on how much you have in there.

Veteran Mediacorp actress Zoe Tay turned 55 in January this year, which makes her eligible to make a withdrawal – not that she needs the cash, one presumes.

Instead, she posted photos of herself in a one-piece swimsuit frolicking on the beach on her social media on Saturday (May 20).

She wrote in the caption in Chinese: "Stay young at heart, be a simple person, enjoy the sunshine and warmth. That's how life should be."

Less than a week earlier, the mother of three sons posted Mother's Day photos of her at the Blackpink concert in the National Stadium on May 14.

Who knew the once and always Queen of Caldecott is a Blink?

Perhaps that is how you stay young at heart.