Elephant charges at safari jeep in Indian jungle

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Sept 13, 2022

A jeep full of people in India narrowly escaped getting trampled by an aggravated elephant charging at them in the jungle. 

The incident came to light after a video was shared by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Saket Badola on his Twitter account. 

The video shows an elephant running after an open-roof vehicle, and at one point, almost gets close enough to flip the car with its tusks. 

But the car gains speed and manages to keep a distance until the elephant gives up the chase and walks into the greenery. 

In the end, a man seated in the front of the car looks in shock.

The IFS officer praised the driver of the car, who kept his cool while skilfully driving the car in reverse as the elephant gave chase.

The caption read, “Credits to the driver for his skills and keeping his cool. Not an easy situation to be in. However, authorities should investigate the reason behind the elephant’s irritation.”

The video has garnered over 100,000 views, with some commenting that, as scary as the moment was, it wasn’t an unusual occurrence.

One user commented, “Nothing very unusual, it may have been due to a sudden proximity around a corner or a scared elephant charging, but generally forest drivers in Kabini are a very sensible lot.”

Another commented, “It may sound bizarre, but the pachyderms are ‘made’ to chase vehicles by the drivers to make the tourists get the thrill of it. I have been in a similar situation at Corbett and Rajaji several times.”

I dunno man, that elephant looked legit annoyed.

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