Elderly woman who terrorised Yishun residents and drove neighbour to build 'wall' arrested for public nuisance

The 63-year-old woman who ‘terrorised’ her neighbours and drove a resident to build a ‘wall’ in order to keep her out, has been arrested. 

The sunglass-wearing auntie has been embroiled in an ongoing feud with neighbours for the past two years, splashing oil, dark sauce, urine, even tossing toilet paper and sanitary pads on her neighbours’ corridor daily. 

Unable to put up with it any longer, the affected residents installed surveillance cameras, lodged complaints to the police, and even erected a metre-high ‘wall’ to keep out the unwelcome guest.

Most recently, one neighbour further ‘fortified’ the wall with pipes and cacti.

However, the neighbours were ordered to remove the wall by the Nee Soon Town Council as it was a fire safety hazard.

An affected party, a 28-year-old resident told reporters that although the perpetrator had ‘toned-down’  after the media’s coverage, she did not stop her harassing them entirely. 

It is understood that the perpetrator was arrested last Saturday (May 27) along Yishun Central, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

A spokesperson from the police has confirmed that the suspect was arrested for the offence of public nuisance.

Police investigations are ongoing.