Elderly mum receives replacement cake after Stomp report about 'Happy Birthday Monter'

Submitted by Stomper Arthur

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An elderly woman who received a birthday cake with a misspelled greeting has received a replacement cake following a Stomp report about the incident.

In an earlier report, Stomper Arthur shared how he purchased a plant and a chocolate cake for his 85-year-old mother's birthday.

He paid florist chain and gifting portal Ferns N Petals $113 for the items, inclusive of delivery.

However, the cake came with a message that said "Happy Birthday Monter" instead of "Happy Birthday Mother!" despite Arthur's instructions.

The Stomper was even more incensed when he informed Ferns N Petals about the error and was offered a 10% discount off his next order.

Arthur told Stomp that he did not receive a further response from the company after expressing his disappointment about its service recovery efforts.

In a statement to Stomp on Monday (Sep 7), Ferns N Petals said it has flagged the mistake to its vendors and resolved the issue with the customer.

On Tuesday (Sep 8), Arthur received a new cake from Ferns N Petals as a replacement. The cake came with a message that said: "Happy Birthday Mother & we are sorry for the mistake".

Arthur said: "Thank you for making it right."