Elderly man pulls his pubic hair and sprinkles it on sleeping woman in Japan

A video of an elderly Japanese man on a train who flicked his pubic hair onto a sleeping woman has since gone viral, receiving over 55,000 retweets on Twitter.

According to a report by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the video was uploaded by Twitter user @momo773716.

The clip showed an elderly Japanese man on a train unzip his pants and flick what was believed to be his pubic hair at a sleeping passenger beside him.

Momo described the passenger as a high school girl or “joshi kosei,” (JK): “Oh no! The JK is getting sprinkled with pubic hair.” The man in the video plucked pubic hair repeatedly from his crotch and flicked it onto the female passenger beside him.

Many netizens were disgusted. 

“Isn’t this a crime? That’s creepy,” asked Twitter user @mikanmama94.

Another Twitter user @eitobito said, "Let's hope that these kinds of things can be dealt with legally. It might go unnoticed and I feel sorry for high school girls."