Elderly man left with blood clot in brain after accident, son goes door to door to seek witness

A man is looking for witnesses to an accident which left his father, 75, with a blood clot in his brain. 

The incident happened along a stretch of road in front of Block 223, Yishun Ring Road, on February 2, at around 6am. 

The son of the victim, Mr Lin Rong Shun, 46, told Lianhe Wanbao that he had received a call an hour after the accident. 

He said he was shocked upon being told that his father had been in an accident and was conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital for treatment. 

Mr Lin revealed that his father worked as a cleaner in the Nee Soon Camp, and would ride an e-bike to work every morning before 6am. 

He later heard from a nurse that his father had been involved in a collision with a truck, but did not receive any further details. 

The senior Mr Lin suffered serious trauma on his head and has since undergone two operations to remove blood clots in his brain. 

However, his family worries as his condition has not shown any signs of improvement.

Said Mr Lin:

“Ever since he was hospitalised, I have not heard him speak. He cannot move the left side of his body now and doesn’t seem to recognise us at all.

“However, he would tear whenever he hears my mum. We’re truly heartbroken.”

Mr Lin added that he had returned to the accident site on the following morning (Feb 3) to look for witnesses. 

He also extended his search to the immediate vicinity, including a coffeeshop at the foot of Block 223, as well as six other coffeeshops nearby. 

He even went door to door to ask for information, visiting 18 households in total.

Despite the efforts, Mr Lin said there were no leads, and he was unsure how the accident had happened.

Said Mr Lin:

“I spent about two to three hours asking every household, but the residents either refuse to answer the door or tell me that they did not see anything as it had happened too early.”