Elderly man bleeds from nose after falling in middle of Bukit Batok road, kind driver stops to help him

Submitted by Stomper Shana

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Poor uncle.

A kind-hearted driver stopped to help an elderly man who had fallen while crossing the road on Nov 22 afternoon.

Stomper Shana shared a video of the incident at Bukit Batok West Avenue 8.

She told Stomp the driver is a relative and neighbour, whose name is Kumar.

"Kumar stopped immediately and helped the uncle to the side of the road, where Kumar noticed that the uncle was bleeding on his nose," said the Stomper.

"He immediately instructed his wife to grab some tissue from the car and helped to stop the bleeding."

One of the uncle's shoes had also fallen off his foot. After Kumar lifted him up from the road and got him to the side safely, the uncle sat on the grass as Kumar helped him put his shoe back on.

The Stomper was impressed by what Kumar did.

"I think this kind of act should be noticed and be given praise," she said. "Kudos to Kumar for the kind heart."

The Stomper added that an ambulance was not called as the uncle did not want medical help.