Elderly driver with walking stick gets nasty note for not parking in handicap lot at Hougang

Submitted by Stomper Jerry

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Stomper Jerry was surprised to receive a nasty note that scolded and insulted him for not parking in a handicap lot — which he was leaving for those in greater need.

Jerry, 62, said he has been using a walking stick ever since a traffic accident in 2014. His car also has a handicap label.

He told Stomp: "When I applied for the handicap label, I was told that I should just park in a regular parking lot if given the opportunity, and leave the handicap lots for those with wheelchairs instead."

On Tuesday evening (Dec 17) after work, the Stomper parked his car at the multi-storey carpark at Block 699D Hougang Street 52 like any other day and headed home.

Jerry said: "I normally park in the handicap lot but since there were normal lots available that day, I decided to park in one."

However, he was surprised when he returned to his car the next morning and saw an unpleasant note on the windscreen.

The note said:

"Since you have a disabled label, why can't you park in the handicap lot instead of depriving other drivers of this normal lot? You are physically handicapped, you are not retarded right?"

Asked if he felt angry or upset about the note, Jerry said he only feels "sorry" for whoever wrote it.

He added: "The moron who wrote this message is either ignorant or too stupid to know that drivers like me leave handicap lots for other handicapped drivers if and when an empty (and spacious enough) lot is available.

"I have been advised by SG Enable to assist others whenever possible.

"No doubt I have a handicap label, but that does not mean I have to park in a handicap lot all the time. There's no need to make a big hoo-ha.

"I feel sorry for this person because it's so silly of him."

"It's the first time in five years something like this has happened to me."