Elderly couple shocked after daughter hires movers to clear out their home over argument

A woman, unhappy with her parents for not siding with her in a family dispute, hired movers to clear out the elderly couple’s home.

The incident happened at a Bedok flat last Wednesday (Oct 18), at around 5pm. 

The elderly man, Mr Lin, 82, told Shin Min Daily News that he and his wife had five children - two sons and three daughters. 

However, his eldest son died on Sept 28 from a liver disease.

His fourth child, Ms Lin, 56, was upset that the sons of his eldest daughter did not attend their uncle’s funeral. 

She subsequently called Mr Lin to voice her unhappiness but was told to let the matter rest.

Unsatisfied with Mr Lin’s response, Ms Lin hired movers to clear out her parents’ home in Bedok last Wednesday. 

When Shin Min Daily News reporters visited Mr Lin’s flat on Friday (Oct 20), they saw the elderly couple seated on chairs in the living room, while Ms Lin busied herself directing the workers to move various furniture out from the unit.

The father and daughter also argued during the reporters’ time at the scene.

Said Mr Lin:

“My eldest son has just passed away and we’re still grieving, when she (Ms Lin) called to complain that two of my grandsons didn't come for the funeral.

“I wasn’t in a condition to handle the situation and told her it was a small matter. 

“However, she flared up and accused me of favouritism. 

“She said she won't be visiting anymore and wanted to take away all the furniture which she had contributed to the house.”

Mr Lin admitted that his fourth child had a temper which other family members had to put up with.

Mr Lin’s eldest daughter told reporters that Ms Lin and her husband had moved several years ago, and asked her parents to store their old furniture. 

She added:

“Now that they’re having an argument, she (Ms Lin) is laying claims to furniture in the house, saying that they belong to her.”

As there were too many furniture pieces, Mr Lin said that his daughter returned on the following day (Oct 19) to continue the move.

He said:

“She was scolding us as she continued moving the furniture out from the house. 

“She also threw some items to the ground. 

“Fearing for the safety of my wife, maid and two other daughters, I called the police.”

When reporters spoke to Ms Lin, she claimed that she was angered when other family members decided to send away the maid she had assigned to her parents’ care.

When she visited on Deepavali (Oct 18), she found her family having a talk about her, while sitting on furniture she had paid for. 

Enraged, she decided to move the items.

Ms Lin also said that she was a filial daughter and would accompany her parents to the supermarket almost every week.

She also claimed that while her eldest brother was severely ill, she would ferry her parents from Bedok to Jurong East to visit him. 

Ms Lin told reporters:

“I really cannot stand the lack of care my siblings show to my parents.

“My husband was also the guarantor for the maid.

“Although all of us paid for her services when my eldest brother passed away, they suddenly stopped."

She also emphasised that both her nephews cited ‘ridiculous’ reasons for their absence during their uncle’s funeral.

One of them said he needed to stage a performance that day, while the other said he had an appointment, she said.

“I found it unreasonable and told my father, but he ignored me and even chased me out of the house.”

In response to media queries, the police have confirmed the incident and said that no further assistance was required.