Edmund Chen sues ex-assistant for sending defaming messages to at least 11, including business partners

Edmund Chen has sued ex-assistant, 'Miss H' for sending defaming messages on WhatsApp to at least 11 people. 

This comes in light of 'Miss H'’s own lawsuit against Chen for his defamation her on Facebook, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao.

According to court documents, Chen served as a director to Asiatainment, an events company, while 'Miss H' was the boss of a publicity and marketing company. 

The documents also pointed out that last year (2016) Chen had published a book ‘ My Little Red Dot’, and Chen’s company had engaged the services of 'Miss H' for promotion and sales of the book, in return for a fee.

However, the company later 'had an issue' with 'Miss H'’s promotional tactics.

In Feb 15, 2017, the two terminated their working relationship. 

The court documents read:

“'Miss H' was never an employee from Asiatainment and hence, the notice period is not applicable to her.”

'Miss H' was accused of sending at least 11 people defaming messages of Chen and his company between Feb and April 2017.

Among the 11 were Chen’s business associates.

'Miss H' was served a letter by Chen’s legal representative on April 28, while she too send out a letter to Chen in May 17.

The documents however, did not specify how much compensation both parties were seeking, and the case is currently under investigation.