'Eating out is expensive -- but check prices before ordering and don't make a fuss': Stomper

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Stomper EJ agrees with the sentiment that eating out can be expensive, but feels that people should exercise due diligence in checking prices properly before ordering their food.

This comes after a recent surge in Stomp reports about what some diners felt were expensive meals at food courts in Singapore.

In one case, a woman was given $20 worth of Food Junction vouchers after she was accidentally overcharged for her meal at a nasi padang stall in Nex shopping mall.

In another incident, a man was offered a Kopitiam Card with the $2 service charge waived for the first two years after he expressed dissatisfaction with his $7 mixed vegetables rice at Jurong Point.

After reading the articles, EJ wrote in to Stomp to share his thoughts on the matter.

He said: "Are we really addressing our concerns about the issues or trying to be an opportunist?

"I understand that food is pricey nowadays, but if you really can't afford it then just eat instant noodles. Don't order your food and grumble during payment.

"I know that food is very expensive nowadays and even I myself am really surprised with the prices.

"But please lah, please read the pricing before ordering and don't make an issue out of it, as it seems to me that some people are taking advantage of the situation."