Each-A-Cup apologises after customer finds cockroach in chocolate milk tea

Submitted by Stomper Kishen

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As Stomper Kishen was finishing up his chocolate milk tea, he felt something 'gelatinous' in his mouth.

Knowing that it could not be pearls as he did not order them, he spat it out and was horrified to see that it was actually a cockroach.

The incident, which happened on Nov 20 at 5.53pm, left Kishen feeling disgusted yet thankful that he did not swallow the insect.

In the photos, a cockroach can be seen lying face up in an empty Each-A-Cup cup.

"I went to The Poiz Centre at Upper Serangoon Road to purchase a drink from Each-A-Cup. I bought a chocolate-flavoured milk tea drink without pearls and drank it relatively quickly," Kishen said.

"I was almost done with my drink when I realised there was something gelatinous in my mouth. I knew that it could not be pearls as I didn't order them.

"I was so confused about what it could have been so I quickly spat it back into the cup through the straw.

"To my horror, it was a cockroach. Even my grandmother, who was with me, took a look at it and confirmed it was a cockroach.

"Isn't this a serious health violation? Who knows what kind of viruses or germs cockroaches carry?

"This is really disappointing as Each-A-Cup is such a well-known brand. I did not expect this to happen at all."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Each-A-Cup said: "We sincerely apologise for the incident that took place on Nov 20 when a customer found a cockroach in his drink from one of our outlets located at The Poiz.

"We regret that such an incident has taken place and we would like to assure everyone that we take such matters very seriously."

The spokesman added that they are thoroughly reviewing the situation, following the pictures they have received depicting a cockroach in their cup.

"At Each-A-Cup, food hygiene and food safety are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, all our outlets go through thorough pest control checks on a regular basis," said the spokesman.

"Following the unfortunate incident, we have immediately called for pest control checks to inspect our outlet at The Poiz to ensure food hygiene and food safety.

"We will also continue to carry out pest control checks regularly at all our outlets, as this is part of our commitment to food hygiene and food safety.

"In addition, we have also given a firm reminder to all of our staff to be extra cautious in ensuring proper cleanliness in preparation of drinks, and maintenance of the stores.

"Although this is an isolated incident, we will continue to take the necessary steps to prevent such incidents from reoccurring."

Stomp has contacted the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for more information.