E-scooter riders risk their lives zooming in front of oncoming traffic at Toa Payoh

Submitted by Stomper Dan

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Stomper Dan was driving along Lorong 5 Toa Payoh when two e-scooter riders dashed across the road in front of him yesterday evening (Nov 21).

A video of the incident sent to Stomp was captured by Dan's in-car camera at about 4.29pm.

In the video, the Stomper honks at the two riders as they cross the road.

He shared with Stomp that this was not the first time he has seen reckless e-scooter riders.

He said: "I am resident of Toa Payoh and e-scooter riders are always riding dangerously along this stretch.

"This is the first time I managed to catch the riders on camera."