E-scooter riders behaving recklessly on roads still a common sight

Submitted by Stomper Pauline, Shaheed

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Two e-scooter users were seen riding on the road on the same day (May 17) at different areas of Singapore.

Stomper Pauline came across an e-scooter user riding on a road along Sengkang East Drive, at 2pm yesterday.

Pauline said: "I just witnessed another reckless e-scooter rider on the road.

"He looked like a teenager."

A video shared by Pauline showed a person riding his e-scooter on the side of the road alongside several vehicles.

The e-scooter rider then switched lanes as he rode towards a traffic light junction.

Another Stomper, Shaheed, also witnessed an e-scooter user zooming past him on a road along Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 last night.

In a video Shaheed shared with Stomp, a man could be seen speeding down the road before turning towards a traffic light junction.

Shaheed said: "It happened before our Muslim prayers at night."