E-scooter rider weaves through traffic along Serangoon North Avenue 4

Submitted by Stomper BK

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An e-scooter rider was seen weaving between cars at the junction of Serangoon North Avenue 4 and 5 on a busy Monday morning (Nov 12) at 7.34am.

Stomper BK sent Stomp a video captured by his in-car camera to warn others about reckless e-scooter riders.

In the video, BK is on the second lane, when the e-scooter rider approaches from his left.

The e-scooter rider filters left and overtakes the Stomper's car.

The traffic light turns red and the rider turns left.

BK said: "I live in Hougang area and I see reckless e-scooter riders very often. 

"I feel frustrated because it is dangerous for them and for other drivers."