E-scooter rider trails behind bus travelling along Old Tampines Road

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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An e-scooter rider was caught on camera trailing behind a public bus along Old Tampines Road.

A Stomper alerted us to a video of the incident which was originally posted by Facebook user KC Hong, then shared on Facebook page SG Road Vigilante

According to the caption of the post, the incident took place yesterday (Nov 22) at about 8.20am.

It also added that the rider was travelling at approximately 55kmh to 60kmh in order to keep up with the bus.

In the video, the e-scooter rider is seen zooming on the road with a red plastic bag.

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He does not seem to have any safety gear on. 

According to the Land Transport Authority's website, personal mobility devices (PMDs) are not allowed to be used on roads.

If caught, the PMD will be seized and the rider can face a fine of up to $5,000 or a jail term of six months.