E-scooter rider injures knee, child chips tooth after falling due to half-open manhole

Submitted by Stomper Annaj

Stomper Annaj said his cousin and her niece were left injured after they fell while riding an electric scooter (e-scooter) on a pathway that had a half-uncovered manhole at 10.45pm yesterday (May 31).

The Stomper said he was behind his cousin, who was riding the e-scooter with her niece behind an elderly man.

According to Annaj, his cousin signalled if the elderly man could let them to pass, so he stepped aside.

However, in doing so, he avoided falling into the half-open manhole.

Stomper Annaj said his cousin's e-scooter hit the gap and the manhole cover, causing both who were on the machine to fall.

The Stomper's cousin was left with an injured knee, and her niece was left with a broken teeth due to the fall.

Annaj's cousin was sent to Khoo Teck Phuat while her niece was brought to the clinic, and he added that a police report was made about the incident.

"After the ambulance went off, the firefighters came to close the manhole," said Annaj.

"There were no hazard signs at all. Who is responsible for causing this accident?"