E-scooter rider goes in circles in middle of traffic junction while waiting for friends to catch up

Submitted by Stomper Wongu

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An electric scooter rider was caught on video circling around the junction of East Coast Road and Still Road at 2.50am this morning (Aug 31). 

Stomper Wongu had alerted Stomp to the video of the incident that was posted on SG Road Vigilante's Facebook page.

In the video, the e-scooter rider is seen going in circles at the junction before six other personal mobility device (PMD) users trailed behind him in a single file.

Some of the riders also appeared to have "passengers" riding on the device with them.

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In a caption that accompanies the video, it compares the incident with "the Trump-Kim Summit where Traffic Police (TP) outriders were busy blocking traffic".

"Ladies and gentlemen, the PMD e-scooterists have taken their game to the next level," it read.

"Here we have an e-scooterist emulating the same, trying to block off the junction, for his gang."

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