Family's breadwinner in critical condition after e-sccoter rider rams into her at Bedok Reservoir Rd

An e-scooter rider rammed into a woman, rendering her unconscious and fled after the accident. 

The incident happened at the pedestrian pathway in front of Block 151, Bedok Reservoir Road on Wednesday (March 7) at around 6pm. 

The victim, Ms Wu Lirong, 46, remains warded for her injuries. 

She told Lianhe Wanbao during an interview at the hospital that she would use an overhead bridge every day to travel between her home and the Kaki Bukit Industrial Estate, where she works.

Ms Wu recalled that she was walking home after knocking off on Wednesday, and had just set foot on the pedestrian pathway after getting off the bridge when she was hit by an e-scooter. 

She fainted after the incident, and when she finally regained consciousness, found herself in an ambulance. 

After that, she got the help of others to contact her husband, Mr Li Tizhong, 49, who rushed over to the hospital.

Mr Li told reporters that he and his daughter had rushed over to the scene after being alerted to the accident.

They saw a pool of blood on the ground, and one of Ms Wu’s earrings which had fallen loose due to the impact of the collision.

Mr Li said that his wife remained in a dazed state for two days after the accident, and suffered from splitting headaches.

She could not recall the details of the event, nor the face of the rider who had run into her. 

Mr Li added that the police had taken a statement with his wife, and was told that the case was under investigation. 

Member of Parliament (MP) representing the Aljunied Group Representation Constituency, Mr Pritam Singh, said that he intends to cooperate with the police fully, and hopes to find the e-scooter rider responsible. 

Mr Singh also said that the accident was an unfortunate event, but it was not the first, nor will it be the last time something like that happens. 

He stressed that e-scooter riders when using the pedestrian pathway, should slow down and ride carefully.

In the event that riders hit someone, they should shoulder the consequences, and not flee. 

Mr Singh also pledged to assist Ms Wu and her family during this difficult time. 

A friend of Ms Wu, Ms Perlynn Tan, told Stomp that Ms Wu has been transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) and is unconscious, following a surgery on Sunday (March 11) when her condition suddenly deteriorated.

Said Ms Tan:

“We hope to spread the news because she (Ms Wu) is actually the sole breadwinner in her family.

“Her husband is undergoing dialysis and cannot work. 

“With this accident, I really cannot imagine how the family is going to make it through. 

“I’m praying that she will be able to wake up within the next 48 hours.”