E-scooter rider comes close to being knocked down at Punggol Central

Submitted by Stomper Jeslyn

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Jeslyn was turning right at a junction towards Punggol Central on Jan 1 when she had to suddenly brake to avoid an e-scooter rider crossing the road.

Jeslyn shared a video with Stomp of the incident that happened at about 11am.

In the video, the traffic light shows the red man, indicating that Jeslyn had the right of way.

(Story continues after video)

However, the e-scooter rider is seen trying to get to the other side despite this.

He loses his balance as Jeslyn approaches him then stares at her as he continues to cross the road.

"He was in the wrong but he kept staring at us after," Jeslyn said.

"He was riding dangerously."