E-scooter rider allegedly punches elderly man until victim suffers heart attack -- for bumping into him

A 69-year-old man recently discharged from hospital, was on his way to pick up his wife when he accidentally bumped into a e-scooter rider on a road, who allegedly assaulted him -- until he suffered a heart attack. 

The incident happened on the Thursday (May 18) at around 9.30pm, and the man was crossing a road at Hougang Avenue 7, when he was assaulted, according to a post by Facebook user Hui Ying, the daughter of the victim. 

The site where the attack took place was less than 50m away from the victim’s home, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

The victim told Shin Min Daily News that he had a heart bypass surgery six years back.

He was admitted to a hospital for surgery on Tuesday (May 16), after feeling an intense pain in his chest, and was discharged on Thursday (May 18) afternoon.

That night, he had gone to pick up his wife from a bus stop near their block.

Just as he was crossing a road with his wife, he encountered the e-scooter rider riding towards them.

Said the man: "Subconsciously, I raised my hand, and my plastic bag containing my raincoat brushed against the rider’s helmet.

"The rider suddenly stopped his vehicle, got off, accused me of hitting him deliberately and punched me on my left eye.  He also screamed vulgarities at me while he punched me.”

According to the victim, his assailant was a well-built middle-aged man, and was wearing a white helmet, dark coloured t-shirt and Bermuda shorts during the time of attack.

The victim added: "He (the assailant) was fully sober at that time and seemed aware of what he was doing.

"I tried to stop him from getting away by holding on to his necklace and top, but he struggled free. Even with the help of two passers-by, he still managed to escape."

According to the victim's account, he tore the assailants t-shirt and chain while trying to stop him from fleeing.  

A passer-by chased after the man but lost him near Paya Lebar. 

The attack also triggered a heart attack in the victim, who was rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment. 

The victim, who was later diagnosed with arterial obstruction will be under observation for the next three to four days. 

He also sports a bruise on his left eye, and several other injuries on his head, face, chest, mouth and elbow from the attack.

The victim has lodged a police report.

Said Hui Ying: "Luckily my father didn’t suffer any fractures. He’s already 69 years old.

"The assailant is just inhumane."

Lastly, she added in her Facebook post: "Additionally it was the punches he received to his chest that triggered the heart attack, this was verified by the doctor.

"A police report has already been made. Please help me to share, we want this guy to be caught."

A spokesperson from the police confirmed that the incident has been classified as a case of wounding with intent, and investigations are ongoing.