E-biker looks down at phone moments before rear-ending car at Simei carpark

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A driver filed a police report after his car was rear-ended by an e-bike in Simei on Nov 20 at about 7.30pm.

A video of the incident was posted on ROADS.sg's Facebook page.

E-biker rear ends car

"Was at car park and stopped to enter parking lot when suddenly an E-bike bangs into my car. Minor scratches only on bumper. Could not find any registration on E-bike. Still filed an accident police report. " - Cam car driver. Happened in Simei on 20/11/21 at 1930 hours. =================================== Simply download the Motorist app and stand to win $2,000 this Sunday after 6:30pm if your licence plate number strike 4D! Find out more: https://bit.ly/3Daf3OB

Posted by ROADS.sg on Friday, November 19, 2021

In the video, the e-bike is behind the car as it enters a carpark.

The rider looks down at what appears to be his phone when his e-bike rams into the back of the car after it stops.

The contributor said: "Was at [a] car park and stopped to enter a parking lot when suddenly an e-bike [banged] into my car."

He added that there were only minor scratches on the bumper but he filed a police report anyway.

He also said he could not find any registration on the e-bike.

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