E-biker and driver's close shave at Telok Blangah Road: 'A bit faster and he would be in hospital'

Submitted by Stomper Ong

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Stomper Mr Ong almost collided with an e-bike rider who beat the red light when heading towards VivoCity via Telok Blangah Road at 6.40 pm on Sep 17.

The Grab driver told Stomp that he was driving at 60kmh and on the way to HarbourFront Centre to drop a passenger off, when the e-bike rider sped into view from the right. 

Mr Ong says: "If I were to go just a wee bit faster, he would've been in the hospital."

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He added: "I felt pissed off. It's a bit unfair because we are not at fault when these things happen, but we might seem to be."

According to the Land Transport Authority, all e-bikes are required to follow all traffic signals when cycling on the road.

(Photo: LTA)

"The laws on the e-bikes have made it safer. I hope people follow the rules, many currently disregard them," added the Stomper.

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