Dumped by ex-BF while pregnant, Malaysian girl shares how she found Mr Right

A Malaysian girl was abandoned by her then-boyfriend while pregnant with his baby, but has now found her fairytale ending.

Facebook user Nicole Tee shared the experience that she went through and how choosing to keep her baby turned out to be the best decision of her life.

Her post has since garnered more than 48,000 likes and almost 10,000 shares.

Nicole wrote in Chinese, "A few months ago when I was still pregnant with my ex's baby, I did not enjoy socialising and was depressed at that time. I wrote a big coat whenever I went out and had wild thoughts every day.

"Until I met him. He didn't despise me and befriended me and I could feel his concern for him. We started keeping in regular contact, going out to chat.

"He knew about my past relationship, and I could tell that his heart ached for me. He knew that I had inner demons and silently wanted to give me new hope in life so that I could continue to live life confidently with my baby.

"Whenever he did something nice for me, I noticed and cherished it. Of course, I reminded myself not to let my guard down and would even withdraw into myself as I was afraid of getting hurt again.

"Gradually, my stomach grew larger each day, and life got harder each day. He decided he wanted to take care of me and bought me a bouquet to confess his feelings.

"I was still torn up on the inside, so I did not accept nor reject him.

"My time with him was very blissful, and he was very thoughtful, always taking care of my baby and me.

"He went from someone with no knowledge about pregnant women and babies to someone who would look up Google every time he encountered a problem, such as what food would make a baby healthy and what a pregnant woman should not eat.

"What he couldn't do himself, such as when it came to the baby's development, he would take the initiative to do research or ask someone with experience.

"Whenever my baby was being difficult and gave my stomach discomfort till I couldn't walk, sleep or eat properly, he would stroke my tummy and tell the baby, 'Mummy is in pain, baby can you calm down?'

"I felt warmth in my heart when I watched him have heart-to-heart talks with my baby and praise my baby every day. I have never experienced such a feeling before.

"At that time, I felt that I was being unfair to him. Whenever we went out with my big tummy, people would ask about us and I felt that this would cause him embarrassment.

"However, he was always a gentleman and would reply with a smile that I am his wife who is carrying his child.

"Once, I asked him if he felt like he was 'losing out' or humiliated because he was caring for a baby that isn't his flesh and blood.

"He looked at me seriously, held my hand and said, 'The baby might not be mine biologically but she is still a person and a life, and someone you are painstakingly carrying. Since I have chosen to accept this, I will treat and love her like my own.'

"Afterwards, my stomach grew so big that I couldn't move properly, so we started to live together. He got nervous whenever I was in discomfort and cared for me wholeheartedly, comforting me until I felt well again.

"He massaged my swollen legs, made me nutritious drinks, helped me to the toilet and accompanied me to all my hospital appointments despite having to work in the day.

"The day of delivery finally arrived on July 28. I was in pain for the whole day. He told me to get ready, closed his shop and rushed me to the hospital. I was pushed into the delivery room and lay on the bed in pain and heartbroken for ages.

"I wondered why at the end, the one who was worried about me and who accompanied me, was him and not the baby's biological father? Whatever I had anticipated, dreamed of and planned did not materialise. Instead, it was all left up to heaven.

"At that time, I finally thought it through. I wanted to hold onto him, cry and thank him for all the sacrifices that he had made.

"A few hours later, my baby and I were both in a stable condition. He was with me in the ward and looked at my baby with a happy expression, as well as spoke to my baby. He ran to and fro to prepare the necessities my baby and I would need.

"My baby and I are now discharged. He continues to show us his utmost care and love, coming over to my house to accompany us before and after his work.

"I was happiest when I saw him learn how to hold the baby, feed the baby and change the baby's diapers for the first time.

"Lastly, I want to tell you, I do not dare to tell you mushy words normally because I find it disgusting, am not good at expressing myself and have never typed an essay.

"From when I was pregnant till now, you have never despised my weak or fat figure.

"I spent two days writing this post because I wanted to sincerely express how I feel about you. All I want now is to cherish you and this relationship.

"Finally, the baby and I want to tell you, 'Thank you. I love you.'"