Man in Malaysia gets blasted by netizens after frying $908 luohan to eat

A man in Malaysia caused a stir on social media after buying a RM2,845 (S$908) luohan fish to fry and eat.

On July 12, the man by the name of Muhammad Firdaus Othman, posted a video of him preparing the fish for consumption after buying it from his friend.

In the video he published on Facebook, the luohan was placed on a chopping board in a sink. The iconic protrusion on the head of the expensive ornamental fish had been sliced off with a knife. 

According to Sinar Online, the would-be meal was then seasoned with turmeric and salt.

Muhammad described the taste as being similar to tilapia, another species of fish. He also said that the bump on its head is made up of fat.

The video has since gone viral with over four million views.

Netizens have hit out at Firdaus, questioning how he could have brought himself to consume the luohan.

Said an Internet user: "When the luohan we reared died some time ago, we gave it to the neighbours. We couldn't bear to eat the fish."

Quipped another:"You must be joking!"

Said Firdaus about the feedback he has received: 

"I received a lot of messages from netizens overseas through Facebook criticising my actions. I did not think there was anything strange with what I had done."