Dude in China craps his pants inside subway -- then shakes poop out of pants leg onto floor

A man in China pooped in his pants before releasing his you-know-what through onto the floor of a subway station.

According to Shanghaiist, CCTV footage first caught the man walking strangely. He was experiencing some discomfort at his rear-end.

He then walked to an area beside a ticketing machine and took out a piece of tissue paper.

Next, he went out of the area and started shaking his pants. Lo and behold, a fresh chuck of human waste then came out from the bottom of his clothing.

The man left thereafter, and a security guard stumbled upon the unwanted 'gift' that he left behind.

A cleaner arrives at the end of the video to clean up the mess of the inconsiderate individual.

See what happened in the gallery above and take a look at the CCTV recording here.