'Drunk uncle' sitting on floor in MRT station helped by SBS Transit staff and passenger onto wheelchair

Submitted by Stomper Kopi

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Was the uncle drunk?

A man was found to be "in a stupor" at the Serangoon MRT station on the North-East Line by SBS Transit staff on Feb 27.

Stomper Kopi shared a brief video of the incident, which shows the man wearing a blue shirt and white shorts sitting on the floor leaning next to the platform doors with what appeared to be packets of food between his legs and a crushed beer can near his left foot.

A female station staff member can be seen trying to talk to the man before turning to get the wheelchair in the video.

"It appeared that the station staff were deployed to help him into a wheelchair," said the Stomper.

In response to a Stomp query, Mrs Grace Wu, Vice President (Special Grade) of Customer Experience and Communications at SBS Transit said: "At about 10.05pm on Feb 27, our staff was alerted by a passenger to a man who was sitting on the floor at the boarding/alighting platform.

"Our staff quickly attended to the situation and found the man to be in a stupor.

"For his safety, our staff assisted him onto a wheelchair with the help of a fellow passenger and brought him up to the Passenger Service Centre to await the arrival of Transcom for assistance."

"The man woke up when Transcom officers arrived. He left the station shortly after the paramedics came and found that he did not require to be conveyed to the hospital." 

The Rapid Transit Systems Regulations states: "No person in an intoxicated or drugged state shall enter or remain on the railway premises.

"Any employee of the Authority or its licensee shall have the power to remove from the railway premises any person whom he reasonably suspects of committing or attempting to commit any breach of these Regulations."