Drivers speed, change lanes abruptly for 7 mins in Yishun: One even reverses to block the other

Submitted by Stomper Edwin

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Two drivers decided to make Yishun the backdrop of their dramatic car chase.

Stomper Edwin alerted Stomp to a video posted on Must Be Singapore's Facebook page of the drivers speeding and changing lanes in for over seven minutes.

It appears that the driver who filmed the footage with his dashboard camera was chasing the driver of  black car, supposedly after being cut off by him.

He proceeds to follow him through the streets of Yishun, obviously increasing his speed to catch up with him.

At one point, the driver of the black car is frustrated and after dropping off a female passenger, he backs up his car on the road and stays there.

He not only blocks his 'nemesis' but other road users as well.

The car chase continues till the driver of the black car finally stops his vehicle by the side of a road and exits to confront the other driver.

There is no audio in the video so it is unclear what he said but after talking, he walks back to his car, gestures at the other driver again and drives off.

Idiots like these should be banned from the roads.

Watch the video below.