Drivers show how being courteous and considerate is mutually beneficial

A driver recorded a rare moment of consideration among motorists in a carpark.

The driver had unknowingly reversed into a lot that another driver was waiting for.

However, instead of having a confrontation or using rude gestures, the drivers found an amicable way to settle the situation.

The driver who caught the incident on his dashboard camera posted the video on Beh Chia Lor -Singapore Road's Facebook page and wrote:

"I was kan cheong and quickly take up position to reverse park into the last empty lot, oblivious to other cars around me.

"While I was at it, I noticed the car in front was reversing as well.

"I saw him raise his hand and thought to myself he may have been first waiting for the lot, I shouldn't just come along and snatch it away.

"I realised it was a thumbs up sign. if it was any other rude sign, he can wait long long."

A great lesson for other motorists out there.

Watch the video below.